Live Music Highlight – The Paper Flowers

Live Music Highlight – The Paper Flowers

paper flowersLilies and Lipstick co. recently interviewed The Paper Flowers who use acoustic instruments, percussion and harmonies to bring your favourite songs to life, building from cruisy, acoustic sounds earlier in the evening to a full, energetic live show with unique foot drums added to ensure everyone will be dancing the night away.

Having toured for many years with their original music around Australia and the world, The Paper Flowers gained a following of wedding suppliers and now perform at over 100 weddings a year in some of the most beautiful parts of Australia.

The Paper Flowers, Josephine Cubis said the duo have always loved playing music, and to be able to create the perfect atmosphere on someone’s special day is a very rewarding experience.

“From an enchanting song as a beautiful bride walks down the aisle, a few special tears during father daughter dance, to having everyone laughing and boogeying on the dance floor at the end of the night, that is what inspires us to keep performing and doing what we love,” Josephine said.

The Paper Flowers are based in Byron Bay, however, they regularly perform at weddings on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane and have also performed at weddings as far as Adelaide and Sydney.

Josephine said their most popular song request is ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri which is usually performed as the bridal processional with simple acoustic guitar and vocals, the lyrics almost lead the bride down the aisle.

“If I had to personally choose a song to walk down the aisle to it would be a song called ‘Paris 2004’ by Peter, Bjorn and John. It’s a super sweet, romantic song set in the most romantic city on earth,” Josephine said.

Josephine & Dale said that with the right performer, a special moment can become pure magic.

“It can give you chills and make you cry with happiness. It can make you not want to stop dancing and though your feet hurt you can’t wipe the smile off your face.

“Live music brings the emotion that you want to show to life. An iPod cannot see the way a groom loses his breath at the sight of his bride for the first time and adjust the intent of the song to reflect this.

“It cannot slow down the first dance of a newly wed couple finding their feet and it can’t raise the energy of the dance floor with the passion and enthusiasm it has for the songs it plays,” Dale said.
When Lilies & Lipstick co. asked for any tips for brides on their big day, The Paper Flowers duo said to choose the songs that are special to you.

“It may not be the most popular song and the original recording may not suit the part of the day you had in mind, but with the right performer any song of any genre can be delivered with the intent that you are looking for to create that perfect moment.

“When you mouth the words to that special song while you dance your first dance as husband and wife, the very song that played when you first met or as he proposed, or maybe just because it says exactly how you feel about your soulmate. A song that is precious to you can be incredibly powerful on your big day, so don’t always go with the latest chart topper, Josephine said.

Lilies & Lipstick co. look forward to working with The Paper Flowers at weddings on the Sunshine Coast and highly recommend checking out their website. To find out more about The Paper Flowers visit



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